Titanium TV APK Free Download Latest Version for All Device

Titanium TV APK is an online application that gives you a great chance to watch movies and daily soaps when you want. TV shows are improving day by day. If you are a TV freak, it is a must for you. To enjoy all kinds of TV programs at any time, simply just install this application. Nobody has enough time to watch any movies or serious just on time when they broadcast. Using this application, you can enjoy any live program as well as any series of any season whenever you are able to. This Titanium TV APK needs no extra hidden charge so that you can enjoy it without any hassle. Latest contents are updated in this application.

So, you don’t have to go through any TV for recent updates, and it is run with high definition. To use this APK, you have no chance to miss any program as they are streamed on a regular basis. Another important thing is it has the offline version by which programs can be kept download. To watch your favorite programs later, you can save them offline or just need to download or share them with your friends and family and then get entertained without any internet connection to the fullest. This movie watching site is intended to design for Androids, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV & Windows PC/MAC Computer. But make sure that your android device should be Android version 4.03 or above.

Features of Titanium TV APK for Androids, IOS, Firestick, and PC

Now a days, Titanium TV application is taking a great place of entertainment. Using this, you can get attached to any kind of television program such as – movies, music, TV series, news or, any kind of regular content altogether in one place. This application has no overflow of unwanted advertisements. This Titanium TV APK has many features that are so remarkable. Today, developers are trying to add the feature ‘Chromecast’ in the near future so you can get the access easily to watch by sitting in your room now and then. Let’s reveal the fundamental features of Titanium TV APK.

  • This online streaming application gives you the chance of watching all the popular TV channels of the world when you want. For that, you just need to download this app from a third party source and then install it on your device.
  • This Titanium TV application requires no extra pressure to operate. It is pretty much easier to use. There is available an offline section where you can add your favorite programs and make a list to watch later. You can find a search bar from where you can go directly through your favorites like movies, daily soaps, music, and so on. There are advanced filters available also.
  • To install Titanium TV APK on your device, you don’t need to reboot or reset your android set or jailbreak your iOS.

Titanium TV APK

How to Install Titanium TV APK on Android or Tablets

  • Firstly, you have to go through Device Administration Security as you need permission for 3rd party applications from unknown sources. So, it is the first requirement to turn it on from Settings > Security.
  • Secondly, download this application from here – Titanium TV APK for Android download.
  • Next, download this application and fix the location where you want to store this. After that, start the installation process.
  • After installing, you have to give the permission by providing access to run this application.
  • Click on ‘Install’ in the next window, which follows the further installation process.
  • Keep waiting for the installation process till it is done. After the completion of the process, the icon ‘Titanium TV APP’ will be visible on the screen and then ready to use on your device.
  • Now, sit tight in your sofa and watch any old or new films, web series and so on.

If you have an interest in this kind of entertainment, this application is a must for your device. You have a complete package of entertainment for the lifetime. Using this Titanium APK, you can get unlimited pleasure with less effort as you don’t need to search here and there for content. In this application, it has various language option also have the accessibility of subtitle option.

How to Install Titanium TV APK on Android or Tablets

How to install Titanium TV APK on iOS (iPhone or iPad)

  • To install this application, firstly you must need a 3rd party application that stores and modifies any application or games on your iOS device. It is a basic requirement for installing those apps which are not available in the regular app store. For that, you have to download Tweak Box for downloading and installing this Titanium TV APK on your iOS device.
  • Now download Tweak Box and launch it. But before launching, you need to trust the profile app.
  • At this moment, you should go to the ‘search bar’ and search it, then download this Titanium TV APK.
  • If you are searching from any regular and official ‘App Store’, go to the Safari Browser and download this application from here – Titanium TV APK for iOS download.
  • Wait for the webpage for loading. Once it is done, you have to tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  • Next, after the downloading the icon will be visible on the screen, and you have to ‘Allow’ on the pop up for the next.
  • Then you the chance to locate this application on the home screen of your iOS device where you want.
  • It is done completely. Now launch and start enjoying.

Titanium TV APK for iOS download

How to install Titanium TV APK on Windows 10/8.1/PC/MAC

  • Firstly, you need an Android Emulator. For this purpose using Bluestacks is the best option.
  • To start the process of Android Emulator, you need to download Bluestacks from its authority site. Basically, it is an offline installer.
  • After installing the Android Emulator successfully, download this application for your PC from here – Titanium TV APK on PC download.
  • To run this application, tap on the Right Click on the APK, then select Open With and then Bluestacks.
  • Clicking this, Android Emulator will process the APK file and install this on your Windows PC or MAC computer.
  • It is done to navigate now. You can launch this application, which is on the home screen of the Bluestacks Emulator on your device.
  • You may also use an Android Emulator, named ‘NOx App Player’. After downloading successfully, then press the execution of installing NOx App Player. After that, set your located space for NOx App Player. Then permit the set up to ‘Install NOx App Player on your Windows, OC, MAC computer. After downloading, go to the pop up menu to select the option ’Open With’ and then ‘NOx App Player’. Finally, you are able to download this Titanium TV APK.
  • Now enjoy your favorite TV shows, music, series on your device sitting at home unlimitedly.
How to install Titanium TV APK on Windows
How to install Titanium TV APK on Windows

How to install Titanium TV APK on Firestick and Fire TV

  • At first, you have to turn on the option ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ on Firestick. Just go through the ‘Setting’ option from Firestick and Fire TV. Consequently, ‘Device’ and the ‘Developer Options’. This is so obliged step to download this Titanium application icon for your Firestick Device.
  • Secondly, you must need the Downloader application on your Firestick. Otherwise, you cannot install this Titanium TV APK on your device. You will get the Downloader application in the Search bar by searching and enable JavaScript.
  • After installing, you must run the Downloader and navigate to the ‘Home’ option.
  • Now download this application for your Firestick from this link – Titanium TV APK on Firestick download.
  • Furthermore, Firestick will launch the application. To run this APK, you must follow the on-screen instruction.

It is noted that you have to be patient in the process of installing because it may take a long to complete. After finishing, you will get the option ‘Done’.

  • After installing this application, the icon will be visible, and you can relocate the place where you want this. If you want this in the front of the screen, you have to go ‘My Installed Section’ and bring it to the front.
  • Now launch and navigate this Titanium TV APK and enjoy your favorite programs from your home easily.
Titanium TV APK on Firestick
Titanium TV APK on Firestick

What are the advantages of Titanium TV APK than others?

There are some specific characteristics of this Titanium TV application which make them so remarkable. They are as follows –

  • This application has innumerous movie collection. A huge number of movies and cinemas are kept stored in this.
  • If you are a daily soap or TV series lovers, this application is nonetheless a large storehouse of these. All the episodes of all seasons of TV shows can be found here without any hassle.
  • Offline streaming feature gives you the opportunity of watching your favorites when you have no internet connection. Or you can make a collection of your favorite programs by saving them offline.
  • this application has different language variations. No matter what language you own, all are available here also have the feature of subtitle option.
advantages of Titanium TV APK
advantages of Titanium TV APK

Are you facing problems using Titanium TV?

  • Titanium TV APK is not installing. So why is this happening? There are some reasons behind this. Let’s focus on these.
  • For smart phone users, you should have use the version that is 4.03 or above.
  • For iPhone users, you should have the version that is 11 or above.
  • Before downloading this Titanium TV APK, you have to turn on the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ from the settings options of the device. Prior to downloading Titanium TV APK, you need to switch on “Unknown Sources’” option from the settings menu of the gadget.
  • On an iOS device, you need a 3rd party application to install this Titanium TV APK. Before launching that 3rd party application, you have to admit that the profile of the application is trusted. Otherwise, this application will not run as well as you cannot download that Titanium app in further process. For that, you have to go through such steps as – Settings > General > Profile and Device Management.
  • If the above techniques do not work, then you have to get that your device may be ISP blocked. So, then you need to download VPN and go through this to install this Titanium TV APK.
  • You are done with everything. Still buffering? The application is not running properly? What else should be done? No worries. Try these ways. You will surely get the solution.
  • Sometimes it happens that you may operate in the wrong way. So, it gets hanged and not working. In such situation, just keep waiting for 24 hours and try once more.
  • Lastly, your downloaded application will not be working if your internet connection is unstable or fewer Mbps.
problems using Titanium TV
problems using Titanium TV


Are you wonder about seeing the advantage of the Titanium TV application? You can get access to watching all of your favorites in one place when you want. It is totally up to you now. Tons of entertaining source in your hand. By using one online streaming application, you can enjoy TV shows, movies, music, and many more unlimitedly to the fullest. It has a clear vision and HD definition. No additional hidden charge is included here. Also, it takes less space, more or less 15.5 MB in the device. You don’t need to purchase or register for this application. Though many applications are launching every day, nothing can beat this application and its facilities so far. You can avoid the long queue of collecting tickets, crowds, or any kind of hassle and enjoy the program in relax at your home. You also get no chance of missing any programs or episodes. In this application, all the genres are stored in an organized way. Anyone can find his or her favorite content according to his or her wish.

The FAQs About Titanium TV APK

I think you might be get surprised to see the advantage of titanium tv apk. There are many question about titanium tv apk in browsing the internet. Here we have raised some of the most discussed questions. I think These are just a few of the questions that will clear your mind about Titanium TV Apk.

Is the Titanium TV application safe to use?

Yes, this application is totally free from virus and bug but make sure that you download this application from a trusted source that is verified and licensed. Also, it has no risk of extra charge. In fact, this application is a zero-cost app.

what do you do if you find any problem to run this application?

Some reasons are behind this not to run this application properly. Firstly, it may be for the instability of the internet connection. Later, if you are okay with it, then you have the outdated version of that device. All the versions don’t support to install this application. Clearing app data is another solution to run this app smoothly. Lastly, you can update this Titanium APP for getting a trouble-free service.

Is it possible to install this Titanium TV APK on Smart TV?

Yes! It is absolutely possible to install this Titanium TV APK on Smart TV. For this, you have to go ‘Home’, after tapping on this move on to ‘Go to Apps’ and then ‘File Explorer’, finally ‘Local Disc’. There you can find the APK file. Click on ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ this application on your Smart TV. Now it is totally prepared to drive on your TV.

Is it possible to watch programs on Titanium TV APK without Data or the internet?

Yes! It is pretty much possible to watch programs on Titanium TV APK without Data or the internet. It has the offline version where you can save your favorite shows, movies, or music from which you can be entertained with your friends at home so easily without any internet connection. These downloaded items will be saved forever, and you can watch them then.

What will you do if your Titanium TV stops working?

Titanium TV may stop working suddenly. To stop facing such situation, clear your mobile data and history from this app. For that, go to the ‘Settings’ menu of the device, then ‘Apps’. Find out the ‘Titanium TV’, tap on the Storage > Clear Cache. Now your application is data-free. Finally, close all the windows and launch your application. We hope you will get the solution.