Titanium TV not Working? How to fix! Issue Error [SOLVED]

Titanium TV is has introduced new advanced ideas about live-streaming apps. As a Titanium TV user, anyone will know about the well-service of this app and know the problem that Titanium TV is not working.

Titanium TV has come with huge advanced features to enhance the live streaming experience. However, the complaint is very common. Today we will give the solutions; thus, you can fix them when your app stops working. But to know the solutions firstly, we need to find out the problem. So now, let’s enter our main content to know more about it.

Why is My Titanium TV Not Working?

Titanium TV APK have some constant build-in problems you must face. Suddenly you may see no connection to the server or unavailable videos, unavailable data links, etc. But solutions are also available for your consideration.

If you are a traditional Titanium TV user, you may frequently face these problems:

  • Unavailable Videos
  • Connection Errors
  • Stopped Working
  • Unavailable Data or Data Link
  • Not Streaming or Playing
  • Crashing
  • Subtitles Error
  • Buffering
  • Installation errors

Besides, someone also claims about problems like they are not getting subtitles. However, these problems are common, but you can have solutions easily. Let’s know the way to fix these.

Titanium TV not working

What Errors Can Happen with Titanium TV?

First, you need to identify the problem you are facing. After identifying the problem, you will find the solution. Most of the time, people say their Titanium TV not working as they don’t take the updated versions. You must use the latest version; thus, you can solve many of those problems you are facing. People usually complain about various issues with this app.

However, if your updating doesn’t work, then it can be a problem from the server-side. If that happens, then you can do nothing except waiting. Either you can’t do anything since the server-side. Sometimes due to heavy traffic and therefore problems arise.

Besides, internet connection quality also cans b a reason for the problem. You should remember, high-speed internet connection can ensure you great streaming. Therefore, you must check your internet speed and connection quality.

How to Fix Titanium TV not working?

You cannot solve every problem in a similar way. You need to follow different steps to have your specific solution. Now we will describe the solutions to common problems with the Titanium TV application.

Titanium TV not working

➤ Crashing Titanium TV

When you are using the application for a long time, the storage of the application may fill with huge caches. You need to clear the cache regularly to get rid of this problem.

To clear the cache memory of the application, you need to go to the “setting” of your device and choose “App” and the “Titanium TV.” Then Choose “Clear Cache.” You can reboot your android device to launch the application again.

You can face crashing problem while playing any video also. If your application crash while playing, the Issue is with the video you are playing. The video may be corrupted and not the original, and so the app is crashing.

➤ Installation Error

The process of installing Titanium TV on your Android device is not similar to other competitor applications. If you face installation errors, you can watch video tutorials on YouTube. If you follow the correct installation process, you may not face any Titanium TV issue not working.

➤ Subtitles Problem

Sometimes when you are watching any movie, you may have problems with having subtitles.

To have subtitles, you need to have a suitable player. You can set “Yes Player” as your default player in your Titanium Application. There is an option “Play with Subtitles.” Choose the option, and you will get a list from where you need to choose “English” as your language preference.

Sometimes subtitles come with changing the default player.

➤ Unavailable Videos

People complain that they frequently notice the Titanium TV app- ‘Video Not Available.’ That means the video itself is not present on your device.

The most disturbing situation is when you are excited about any video and facing a playback error. To solve the playback error, you can exit the app and uninstall it. The solution to this problem can be uninstalling this application and then reinstalling this. Besides, you can install a good VPN to reduce such problems.

➤ No Links Available

Another common complaint about Titanium TV not working is No link available. Sometimes you may suddenly see a pop-up on your screen that no data or no link available. There are three reasons behind this error: Unavailable streaming links, Issue with fetching your desired links, Service traffic, or other issues with service.

➤ Titanium TV No Data Available

The initial solution to such a problem is clearing the cache. Clearing the caches is very important to have hassle-free streaming. If it doesn’t work then, you can alter the DNS Settings. Sometimes, ad blockers reasons behind the problem of No Data Available Errors. You can disable the ad blocker and see what happen with that, if this error continues to come. If none of these works, I will install a well VPN on your Android Smartphone.

➤ Titanium TV No streaming links available

This Issue means that it is preventing from fetching links from the server. This issue can be caused due to server’s end.

You can fix these problems by following several ways. The most effective way to permanently fix the problem is using VPN and does some DNS modification. You need to learn, how to use a VPN. This will help you to fix the No Data or Links Available error to do the task perfectly.

➤ Buffering Issues

Buffering issue is a common issue in streaming. You can face sometimes buffering while streaming on your Titanium TV also. To fix the buffering issues, follow the steps below:

  • Poor internet connection is the main reason for Buffering issues. You need to keep checking the internet connection and fix it well to reduce buffering.
  • Clear App Data and clearing cache memory can reduce buffering on your Titanium TV.
  • Updating the old version of your Titanium TV app can solve the buffering Issue.


The issues with Titanium TV not working are very common to the users. We have tried to give you all the possible solutions fort this problem. You should always remember that the reason for all problems is not the same and so the solution is not the same. So firstly, you have to be clear about the problem and go for the solution. I hope you will find our solutions helpful. Now fix the errors. Happy streaming!!

The FAQs about Titanium TV not Working

Titanium tv apk bring great entertaining ideas about online streaming to watch movies and tv shows. Some time it create issue with working but this is a very common and very simple problem for this regular user as like problem while launching, stream error, buffering issue, data unavailable subtitle issue etc. When it comes to creating a problem, various questions can arise. Therefore, below is the solution to some of the most discussed questions.

What is the cost for Titanium TV?

Titanium TV is a full free streaming application. You don’t need to pay for it to have high quality video experience.

Why Titanium TV app face problem while launching?

Titanium TV app cannot be launched when it doesn’t get trusted banner.

What to do when my Application is not launching?

To reduce the problem you need to go to “Setting”, then go to “General” and then “Profiles”, then you have to trust the profile thus your Titanium TV don’t have any problem to launch the app.

How can I Reduce errors of Titanium?

You have to maintain a strong network connection and always clear the cache memory; it will reduce many issues about Titanium TV not working.

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